Jun 30

The Maryland Horse: An Artist's View

This show is the result of over a year spent exploring the horse industry in Maryland in order to create a show to benefit the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation. Special thanks are due to Cricket Goodall and her talented staff who arranged many introductions to the welcoming folks of the local horse scene! As a sporting artist, I aim to express my own ideas about what a painting can be, as well as paying close attention to the particulars of the subject. You can be as painterly and expressive as you please, but there must be that telling observation and underlying knowledge of the horse and its setting or it will not ring true! I hope this show demonstrates some growth on my part in both endeavors.

Jun 30

The Spring Racing Season

The Spring Racing season is full of events that I like to paint. Please see my Facebook page for details on where I will be working and upcoming shows. 

4:00 pm16:00

Launching My New Web Site

My new Squarespace site went live today, and I'm really excited about it! I love the flexibility and ease with which I can maintain it, and am looking forward to showcasing my latest work.